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#Merry Christmas

$19.00 - $21.00
Hashtag Merry Christmas! From ours to yours, this cute Chrissy pattern  is a mix of traditional gift tags, only with a fabric twist.  Gift your loved ones, wrapped in a gift that keeps on giving in this sweet holiday wrap...

Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

$19.00 - $21.00
Embrace the chaos of Christmas with this eclectic bunch of ragtag characters.  Featuring a peculiar pig in antlers and a quirky cast of many;  this fun and off-centre print inspires the playful child-like wonder of a Christmas pizza party...

Baby It's Cold Outside

$19.00 - $21.00
It wouldn't be a Hello Snowglobe Christmas without a snowglobe print! There's something simply magical about the simplicity of the universe that exists within a snowglobe.  This charming print is a delightful nod to a White Christmas in Santa's...

Deck The Halls

$19.00 - $21.00
The nostalgic retro tones of holly leaves and berries make for a kitschy Christmas in this cheerful seasonal wrap.  A timeless print is quite fitting for a wrap that can be passed on each Christmas morning for generations to come...