How do I wrap my present using fabric wrapping?

There are many ways to wrap a present using Hello Snowglobe fabrics. The Japanese style of wrapping with fabric is called furoshiki and it is used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods. It is done by wrapping the object and tying knots and bows to secure it. It’s functional and looks great!

Hello Snowglobe fabrics are designed to be used in this method or in a traditional present wrapping style with some string or ribbon to hold it in place. For ideas or inspiration, check out the Hello Snowglobe Instagram.


Why wrap presents in fabric?

Every Christmas, Australians throw away over 350 000 km of wrapping paper! That’s equivalent of 50 000 trees! And that’s just Christmas alone.
Wrapping paper is used and discarded without much thought and we wanted to create a way to wrap gifts in some awesome prints with a material that can be used over and over again for years to come.

What material is the wrap made from?
All Hello Snowglobe wraps use 100% cotton fabric. We prefer to use natural fabrics as they are better for the environment. 


But do I have to give the wrapping with the present or can I ask for it back? That seems a little awkward!
This is totally up to you! It would be great to live in a world where everyone used fabric wrapping and it worked in a ‘swap and go’ fashion! Until then, it is personal choice if you want to include it as part of the gift (how lovely! They can then pass it on to someone else!) or suggest that you’d like to use it for the next present you wrap. Realistically, paper wrapping is normally discarded after a single use, so requesting your Hello Snowglobe wrap comes back to you is a reasonable suggestion too. Maybe you can use it initially within your own family (especially within your own home!) where there is an understanding that the wrapping fabric leaves with the person who brought it.

Having the conversation prior to the giving of the gift may reduce potential awkward situations once the gift has been given.


The fabric is quite large for the present I need to wrap. What can I do?
Simply fold the wrap or “fan” it out to decrease the size of the fabric. From here, wrap as you normally would.


How much is postage?
Postage of the wraps is included in the price within Australia. They will be sent in an envelope with Australia Post and will be unregistered. For orders over $60, we will upgrade the shipping to express post with tracking. For international orders, there is a flat rate of $3 for shipping. 


I want to send this as a gift. Can you help?
Absolutely. Just mention it in the order comments and we will leave the invoice out if you wish.


The print or size I want is out of stock. Will you be getting more?

Possibly. If there is something specific you would like, please send us an email in the ‘contact us’ section. Restock will always depend on popularity of the print and if we can source the fabric again. Often materials that we purchase from local suppliers may be the last of the roll, so it may not be possible to purchase it again. But fear not! We will constantly be sourcing and making wraps from some new and cool prints!